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Hello & Welcome to  Nikkie's Wiggler's Ranch

NWR's  Ranch is all about 100 % All Organic,
Vermi-Composting,  Using the Best composting worms
Red Wiggler Worms".
(Eisenia fetida)

"These Red Wiggler's compost all your kitchen scraps,
all organic foods and paper wastes, & in the process giving you the perfect end
results, "Castings".

* Vermicast's or castings is a rich organic fertilizer
* Bacteria in vermicast convert existing soil nutrients into   plant-soluble form.
* Worms produce more vermicast.
* Worms move through the soil creating little tunnels that greatly improve moisture
retention, aeration and plant/roots soil's structure.

* Worms constantly turn the soil evenly distributing nutrients and preventing matted

* Organic wastes can be recycled by worms
* Worms produce natural antibiotics which help fight plant disease
* you can compost your organics helping to stop the heavy line ups of Dump Loads  
&  organics heading To our Dumps!

I use Red Wiggler Worm's (Eisenia fetida) to COMPOST and Convert all my Organic
wastes into a dark brown nutrient-rich humus.  While reducing My weekly amount
of garbage, I also have a Natural source of fertilizer for all My plants, and garden

What kind of worms compost?
Red Wrigglers (Eisenia fetida) are Great composter's!
& Also are suitable for fishing needs!

The Wigglers eat up all the organic foods and materials I feed them,
such as vegetables, fruit, coffee grounds, paper, leaves,eggshells,  Any 100%
cotton, old newspapers, shredded Cardboard, rabbit manure, or  some animal

(which is Very high in nitrogen) Important in plant nutrition Etc.

But Don't use Cow Manure!
(fruit flies eggs and may contain Human Pathogens)

An efficient'  Wiggler Composting Bin, Can convert up to 80% of your household
wastes' turning it  all, into nutrient-rich vermi-casts. The guys from
Vancouver Westside real estate (home) use this product as well.
(worm manure,Super Dirt) then can be used to fertilize and 
replenish Any flowers,Rose bushes, shrubs,
Plants & Gardens
naturally' and all organically' With all natural benifits.

The benefits of Composting:
* Worms move through the soil creating Tunnels that greatly improve moisture
retention, aeration and soil stability

* The wigglers produce More vermicastings
* Worms constantly turn the soil evenly allowing the nutrients to get spread into the
soil& around the roots, and preventing matting roots and help to aerate the soil.

* Worms produce natural antibiotic's which can help fight plant disease.
* Organics in landfills break down anaerobically, producing methane gas.
which is like 20 times more powerful than carbon dioxide and is a contributor to
climate change
Dump TrucksMoving the compost able wastes to landfill produces some air
pollution, which also helps lead to climate changes!

* By composting makes fewer and safer disposal sites
* leachate reduction (organics decay without oxygen and become corrosive liquids)
* methane reduction (a global warming gas)
* job creation
* a product to enhance soil (for the growth of stronger, healthier plants)
* helps deter fungal diseases
* shows environmental responsibility, and makes your garden grow

Did you know?  
that Buried organics can actually react with the metals in landfills & produce toxic
And that leachate "Can be" removed and treated'
To Eliminate the groundwater pollution.

"Red Wiggler Worms are being bought & Sold all over the world as the
Ultimate Recyclers!

If there "was" Proof, that By Composting
Would Help Our Climate Change Issues,
and Global Warming Issues, Then Would
you Consider to Start Composting All Your

Yes, of course I'm already

If there is proof then maybe...

I'm not sure,I need more
information first...

No, i couldn't be bothered!

"ENTER 2 Win Free Red Wiggler Mini Vermi-Composting KIT! which will be
funded by Jin Basrai"

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